The Drood Inquiry


The Drood Inquiry is an interactive investigation into the curious case of Charles Dickens’s last, unfinished, work, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. In addition to presenting the story so far, month by month parallel with original publication, a full site will be launched in September 2014 in which visitors will be able to survey the many theories that have arisen on how the story ends, before making their own decision and voting for the conclusion they think is correct.

The Drood Inquiry has been made possible by the generous contributions and assistance from the Dickens Fellowship, the University of Buckingham, the Dennison Fund, the University of Aberdeen, the Victorian Popular Fiction Association and the Charles Dickens House Museum.

The Drood Inquiry is the work of Dr Pete Orford (Chief Investigator), Alys Jones (Forensic Artist) and Thomas Palmer (Media Officer). Further details on the team can be found below: