The Drood Inquiry
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Tartar is the neighbour of Neville Landless during his exile from Cloisterham. He was First Lieutenant in the Navy, but has recently quit in respect to the dying wish of his uncle, who left Tartar all his property on condition of his leaving the navy. He now spends his time in Staples Inn maintaining a garden in his lodgings, rigging up lines and climbing the outside of the building with ease given his experience as a sailor. Having recognised his schoolmate Septimus Crisparkle, Tartar was admitted to the lodgings of Mr Grewgious and enlisted in a scheme to foil the watchful eye of John Jasper upon Neville, a scheme which Tartar happily agreed to as it brought him into contact with Rosa Bud. Tartar has been helping Rosa in the aftermath of Edwin Drood’s disappearance, taking her, her companion Miss Twinkleton and Mr Grewgious for an enjoyable and cheering trip on the river with the assistance of his man Lobley.