The Drood Inquiry
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Reverend Septimus Crisparkle

The Reverend Crisparkle is “fair and rosy, and perpetually pitching himself head-foremost into all the deep-running water in the surrounding country”. A lover of exercise and an early-riser, he is described as “cheerful, kind, good-natured, social, contented and boy-like”, despite being “within five years of forty”. While he maintains a quiet respect for the Dean, he holds a greater devotion to his mother, and values her opinion and approval.

Crisparkle is always quick to see the best in people, a quality which served him in good stead after welcoming the orphans Neville and Helena Landless to Cloisterham, supporting them through the subsequent troubles they have faced. After Neville’s first disagreement with Edwin, it was Crisparkle who pushed John Jasper to help reconcile the pair, and after Drood’s disappearance Septimus has never once lost faith in Neville’s innocence, tutoring him still in his exile in London and defending him to his attackers, be they Jasper of Honeythunder. However, it is possible that Crisparkle’s protection of Neville is influenced by his clear romantic feelings for Helena.

Since the disappearance of Drood, Crisparkle has consistently played a significant role in investigations, being present with Jasper when Neville is taken by Joe and questioned by Mr Sapsea, and later finding Edwin’s watch and shirt-pin in Cloisterham Weir. He has been involved in conversation with Mr Grewgious and Rosa Bud regarding Jasper’s hounding of Neville, to which they have recently enlisted the aid of Crisparkle’s old schoolchum Mr Tartar.