The Drood Inquiry
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Mrs. Tisher

Erstwhile companion to Miss Twinkleton, in either of her two states, Mrs Tisher is “a deferential widow with a weak back, a chronic sigh, and a suppressed voice”. A woman of little words, she looks after the young ladies’ wardrobes at Miss Twinkleton’s Seminary for Young Ladies and frequently joined with Miss Twinkleton in ensuring a watchful eye was kept on Rosa Bud and Edwin Drood whenever the young man visited his fiancé, to ensure the propriety of the establishment is upheld.

The “matronly Tisher” is believed to have seen better days, and consequently it is commonly thought that her departed husband was a hairdresser. While Miss Twinkleton has moved to London to care for Rosa Bud, Mrs Tisher remains in Cloisterham.