The Drood Inquiry
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Mrs. Crisparkle

Mrs Crisparkle has had several brushes with death, both as a widow and the mother of seven children, of whom only one, Septimus, has survived. And yet she remains positive, with bright eyes, compact figure, and a cheerful and calm face. She has a loving relationship with her son, with who she lives. She is said to bear a strong resemblance to her sister in London. It is through her sister that Mrs Crisparkle and her son were brought into contact with Mr Honeythunder regarding the care of his two wards, Neville and Helena Landless, and both Mrs Crisparkle and Septimus made great efforts to ensure their young guests are made welcome in Cloisterham. However, while she continues to hold Helena in some esteem, Mrs Crisparkle’s view of Neville has dimmed considerably after the recent scandal surrounding Neville’s animosity towards Edwin Drood and the subsequent view of him as chief suspect.