The Drood Inquiry
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Mr. Bazzard

The “particularly angular clerk” of Mr Grewgious, and son of a Norfolk farmer, Mr Bazzard is “a pale, puffy-faced, dark-haired person of thirty, with big dark eyes that wholly want lustre, and a dissatisfied doughy complexion”. Despite being such a “gloomy fellow”, who discharges his duties with a continuous sense of weariness, it is noted of Bazzard that he is “possessed of some strange power over Mr Grewgious…like a fabulous familiar”. Bazzard was the only other person present to witness Mr Grewgious handing Rosa’s mother’s ring to Edwin Drood. Yet his views on the subsequent disappearance of Drood remain unknown as Mr Bazzard has recently gone off duty to pursue his ambitions to be a playwright. It is Bazzard’s aim, and Grewgious’s hope, that his new play The Thorn of Anxiety will make it to the stage and come out at last.