The Drood Inquiry
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Luke Honeythunder

Mr Honeythunder, public philanthropist, knows what is best for people better than they know it themselves, and will gladly share his opinions with them all, whether asked for or not. His philanthropic nature is described as “gunpowderous”, though rumours that he cried to others “Curse your souls and bodies, come here and be blessed” remain unfounded. Bullish in nature, Honeythunder has a skill for disrupting the tranquillity of a moment and imposing himself upon others. A strange and unlikely figure to be guardian to the Landless orphans Neville and Helena, he is determined to correct their “defective education...whether they liked it or not”. In short, the one positive that can be said of Mr Honeythunder is that he unites those around him and gives them a great sense of peace and his absence.

Following the widespread accusations against Neville for playing a part in Edwin Drood’s disappearance, Honeythunder swiftly severed ties with both Landless twins, much to the chagrin of Septimus Crisparkle who believes a more charitable response might be expected from the public philanthropist.