The Drood Inquiry
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“A hideous small boy in rags” known only by the generic name of Deputy, a moniker afforded to all the man-servants at the Traveller’s Twopenny, Cloisterham’s primary choice for guest lodgings. This “thing”, this “creature”, this “little scourge” entertains himself in the evening by vigorously pelting Durdles with stones should he be out too late. He has been in and out of Cloisterham Jail, and fears no-one, failing to show any respect to the choirmaster John Jasper and even going so far as to throw stones at him too, though the violent reaction of Jasper to this attack suggest that the violent young man of the Traveller’s Twopenny may yet regret his provocation.

Deputy has recently been assisting Dick Datchery in his investigations, providing information on Princess Puffer and her interest in Jasper; simultaneously Datchery has also uncovered Deputy’s true name of Winks, though the child expresses strong interest in this being kept private.